Polo Dictionary

CHANGES ARE IN ITALICS!  Updated 7 June 2013

3′s . noun
 polo side game played with 5 di(ce) where the object is to try and roll zero (which is 5 threes)

AHBPA . abbreviation
Australian Hardcourt Bike Polo Association. see here for more info
- see also noun . Jedi Council

airmail . verb
 the art of delivering a ball anywhere you want on the court using scoopage. (machine)

alexdick . verb
To re-enter play after dabbing without tapping the boards, by either causally waving the mallet in the general direction/proximity of the boards, or loudly slapping the mallet on the court.  e.g. {Jeer} – “He didn’t tap in! What an alexdick!”

the angelo . noun
ball joint (aka BJ, aka The Burge) (origin: Chicago)

Arrêt Raclette . verb
French for when you put your whole mallet on the ground in nets as a goal keeper. (Raclette stop).  See also freedom block, hulk smash, knuckle dragging

asian hooker . noun
queef that shoots the ball in the air (San Francisco)

australian cheater mallet – noun
used almost exclusively in Melbourne, these weird mallets are angled hockey-like but since they are so awful to play with, nobody really thinks they are cheat.

Australian curse . fact
Breaking your collarbone before Worlds.  This happened to Benee and Colin before Seattle.

australian sweeper mallet – noun
 mallets which are as wide as allowed. Pretty useless to play with, but someone always has one

babe in Seattle
1 when offensive player ride up to goalies, brakes, and makes a Bottom Bracket shot. But ! When the ball is softly shot through his BB, he then shifts his mallet arm to reverse side and “Seattle” hacks goal mallet, allowing the ball the slowly roll in the goalies. Not always efficient, but surprising and frustrating.

baby bird . verb
Pouring a beer into a winners mouth, sometimes forcibly.

bad crack habit- heckle
1 a player who continually needs to pull their pants up (Machine).

ball bridge – noun
1 when player lifts front wheel to pass over the ball, in order either protect it or get it on the correct mallet side.

beer break . noun
1 Called in an un-timed pick up game that has gone too long.

beer point . noun
1 The last goal when a game is 4-4 or a pick up game has gone too long, no one remembers the score and people want the game to end.

beer goals . verb
Game where after a goal is scored players take a chug of beer. Usually used in serious grudge matches with lots at stake ie. pride and ego.

biebs – noun
an amalgamation of Bottom Bracket(BB) and the beloved Justin Bieber – A polo mini-game wherein players attempt to pass the ball under an opposing player’s bottom bracket. Getting “bieb’d” results in a point for said player, whoever has the least points by the time everyone is bored is winner. (Raleigh) Also known as kenball (East Van), which also applies when you thread a pass or shot cleanly through an opponent’s BB in a game situation Also known as that polo game you play when three people show up to polo and you’re waiting an eternity for at least one more for a 2v2

big shot city . heckle
1 Used when a game starts turning into a half court shootout with no success.

blind Watson . verb
1 The attempt to strike the ball while riding away from net.

blow the whistle . heckle  
1 Term of (sarcastic) endearment used by a player to encourage the referee to continue with their current level of scrutiny over a polo match.
- see also h . fuck the rules for ORIGIN

bluntch . noun
(this is by Guy from LA) first coined at Desert Polo Invite III. Initially it was a beer and a cig at mid-morning but developed into whatever you wanted , with whoever you wanted, whenever you wanted it. eg . my Bluntch is snakebites and a smoke , or champagne and a cigar, or a shot and a cigar morning noon or night. If I ask Guy “Whats for Bluntch” it’s his choice as to what we have.

boards . noun
Barriers around the court often made of wood.

bob’ed It . heckle
1 no one in goal, clear shot, still miss the goal for no reason
- see also shank town

boring point . heckle
when a game has been going too long and no one knows/cares what the score is.
- see also next goal wins

BPT aka bike polo time . noun
when you tell everyone we’re playing polo at 7:00 and the show up 8:30! (Origin Sacramento and true for pretty much every city in the world)

bunch of sticks . heckle
A dubiously (if at all) politically correct term for faggot. eg. “You are such a bunch of sticks”

burged . verb
1 When another player tries to screen Joe Burge (from The Beaver Boys -World Champions 2010 , North American Champions 2012) and inevitably and seemingly effortlessly, Joe takes his own line and the opposing player ends up slammed clean against the boards or dabbing mid court , leaving Joe unscathed and unflustered. Joe always keeps his line. Uses He/she just got Burged . (believe me you know when you got Burged) (machine)

can opener – adjective
 when and offensive player puts their bike in a position such that a no defensive player can assume the goalie position. Thus opening a portion of goal that is not defendable (DC). Also referred to as a “barn door” as in, you can’t miss the opening, it’s a barn door!

Castlemaine cheater mallet – noun
these were used at the 2009 Australian Championships by a team from Castlemaine.  The heads had side cut outs that were so big the ball would actually get stuck in them.

cat basketball . noun
Shortly after dog soccer was created. The Great Old Cats (Ceiling Cat, Long Cat, Basement Cat, and Tacgnol) vying for control of the Earth and all it’s meme’s created the sport and it was observed by mortal cats and was played for thousands of years until the uprising of the humans and it was almost forgotten if it were not for the cat whisperers of the Andes discovering the Great Old Cat sport and dumbing it down to a more humanistic form and thus bike polo was born.

cheating . verb
Playing sober.

check . verb
A player using their body or bike to knock opposing player onto the barriers or ground. Can be a penalty. Can be awesome.

cheese wedge . noun
1. scoring a goal in that small cheese wedge shaped hole created by the corner of the goal and either the front or rear wheel, ” right in the cheese wedge!” (River Valley Bike Polo)

chess-game . noun
refers to a game where the moves are slow and nothing happens (origin: Enschede)

chicken wing

1 Using the elbow (like a chicken wing) to push or hook an opponents drive hand in an attempt to knock the player off. This is a penalty.

chups . noun
1 term of affection used between Australian and New Zealand players eg “Chups, bro!” Deep fried pieces of potato, usually served with fush

cintre . noun
1 Kiwi for centre.
-see also n . muddle

clown shoes . heckle
1 An insult inferring that the player is a joke, including their actions, habits, appearance, and ultimately, their existence.

cluster fuck . verb
When many players and or the ball get jammed in a corner or tight situation. 2 heckle . Shouted by crowd at above situation.

coming on your backside . heckle
Used to tell a player you are behind them.

corner goal . heckle
1 A ball shot into the corner of the court. Usually a long windup followed by a laser shank to the corner pole of the court.

count it . noun
1 phrase to signify that a goal was scored

cross Crandall . noun
1 Shooting on goal over your steering arm.

cunt-hammer . heckle 
1 Exclamation expressing support or enthusiasm.
e.g. “Judy’s had the baby and it’s not addicted to crack? Cunt-hammer! That’s a miracle.”
2 a . Used to indicate the awesomeness of something. e.g. “Have you seen that cunt-hammer new headset on Greg’s polo bike?”
3 n . A blunt instrument used to strike a vagina.

dab . verb (Dabbed, Dabbing)
To place a foot on the ground during play.

defence! defence! . heckle
1- Often yelled at Donny from Sydney who was looking over his shoulder one day screaming “Defence! Defence!” at his team as he rode straight into the fence

Detroit pass . noun
1 A drop pass where the two team mates cross and the direction of play is switched. Similar to what the Wings used to do at the blue line usually to make space for a pass or shot.

dial it . verb
when a player gets set up to take shot (origin: Houston)

dialed . verb
when a player dials it and makes it ! (origin: Houston)

dick . noun
one who sneeks up behind goalie and whacks his mallet one who show boats the ball all the time at pick up just to impress the ladies but can’t even score

dick in the pocket – heckle
 sideline coaching to play tight D, tight enough to hang it in the player on the ball’s pocket.  (Burlington, VT)

dick move . heckle
Shouted at a player when blatantly cheating or playing in an unsporting manner. 2 v . To play in the manner above. eg. “That check was such a dick move.”

dick slap . verb
to hit the ground with your mallet before shooting a goal (San Francisco)

dirty finger . verb
poking the ball behind goalies back wheel from behind nets or passing from behind nets to a shot that goes behind goalies back wheel (origin: Australia).

dispute . noun
a disagreement between players that must be settled by shotgunning a beer. (East Van)

do you go down on your Mum like that? . heckle
Asked when a player crashes hard.
- ORIGIN 2011 Nationals in Adelaide, Majestic Pink Shafts brainstormed the most controversial heckle they could to unleash on the National stage.
Variation: “he doesn’t go down on me like that” heckle used by the girlfriend of an Australian player that crashed during WHBPC 2012

DOGSOCCER! . heckle
1 The true definition was lost aeons ago. Physicists have discovered it existed before the Big Bang, floating as a lone pulse of energy in the infinite void. Physicists hypothesise it caused the Big Bang and the infinitely expanding rush of matter that created the universe as we know it. Shouted randomly at any interval as it is alway relevant.
2 noun . Team name of Brook, Captain Morgan and Tom (Sydney) who came third at Nationals 2012.
Also know as “the Dog Particle”.

doing a Leo . heckle
1. Ejecting oneself from one’s bicycle in a violent and noisy fashion as a consequence of over-steering. Properly executed Leo’s will forcibly cause other players to dismount. (origin: Auckland, NZ) 2. Playing a tournament in pair of red underpants and a cape and calling yourself “Super Cat”

dolphin slap. noun
1 Taking your opponent’s front wheel out or making contact with them with a whipping motion where your rear wheel is in the air. This is a penalty.

donkey punch . noun
1 Hitting the ball out of the air while holding the mallet near the head.

doofer . verb
when you try to shoot, miss the ball entirely, and foot yourself down by putting your mallet head under your front wheel. (origin: Portland)

doughnut . noun
1 Scoring zero when beaten in a first to five game.

dutch oven . verb
shot into empty net

euro cheater mallet – noun
A mallet head with side cut outs first used in Europe and frowned upon in most of North America.  Not to be confused with Euro Cheater Mullets, who were team that played at WHBPC 2011.

euro pop . noun
The sound that the single capped MILK mallet heads make when you shoot the ball with them…. “POP”.  Kinda like you’re hitting the ball with a Tupperware picnic tumbler. (Craig, Christchurch)

fat chick . noun
open goal. Used to communicate to your teammate who possesses the ball that the opposing teams goal is wide open making a possible goal “easy as a fat chick”.(Term used at DPI 3 by Tent City Tramps.)

fat goals . noun
1 Important, lead or momentum changing goals.

fifth corner . noun
1 A player who when you pass to them you know you’re never getting the ball back. (East Van)

five hole . noun
The space under a goal keepers bottom bracket.

fort myers helmet . noun
a baseball cap  (Origin: Florida)

freedom block . noun
1 Using the shaft to block a goal by quickly ducking and touching the ground while staying on the bike in goal.
-SEE ALSO hulk smash . noun and knuckle dragging . noun

front door . noun
1 the space between a defender’s front wheel and the goal post most near it when acting as a goalkeeper.

fuck the rules . heckle
Protest against over-refereeing and needless game stoppage, eg. during 2012 Nationals, DOGSOCCER! vs. Majestic Pink Shafts quarter final game and the over zealous refereeing.

get a room!!!” . heckle
When two players on opposing teams are tangled/snarled in a stalemate on their bikes on the court, like two lovers entwined

goal hole . noun
The goal space between back or front wheel and the post or under a goal keepers bike. Website you are ogling right now douche-bag.

goal troll . heckle
playing the whole game in or circling the goal. can be used for a offensive or defensive player.

good dick . adjective
A post game congratulations after a winning game, particularly one where defensive prowess was displayed. Comes from an american football allusion to “good D” (a defensively battled game).  eg: “hey, great dick out there boys.” “way to throw that good dick at em, looking good” “Good dick Werm, hard and fast.”
Originating in richmond circa 2008(?) Has lost most all humor and is pretty much second nature to congratulate a friend with great dick after a well fought game. Can be used in conjunction with “tight butthole” (stolen from the American sitcom Workaholics, most of our jokes are stolen) when little to no goals were scored by the opposition and a very composed or tight game was played.

good ‘ol western grip style reach around
when a defending player reaches around the torso and bike of a player with possession of a ball to break a ball joint. (Las Vegas)

half Kenichi and full Kenichi – verb
no one knows what it means . . . but it’s hot. It gets the people going A half kenichi is stealing the ball from another player, generally very smoothly. A full kenichi is a steal from an opposing player and then generally a slap shot goal following it rather quickly. Originates from Kenichi in Portland.

the heffily . adjective
When the ball is beside or behind the rear wheel on the non-drive side, blindly swinging mallet behind the back and knocking the ball forward to yourself or a teammate (origin: Toronto)

hit it like you hit your girlfriend . heckle
1 Said by Adelaide Steve to Sydney Steve during the 2010 Brisbane Nationals.  Steve’s response was “I don’t know her that well”

hole n°26 (26th hole) . noun
 the hole every goalies using 26″ wheels have in front of their front wheel. (Will, Call me Daddy)

hook . verb
1 Using a mallet to pull another players mallet away from the ball.

hot start . adjective
when a team that has just been scored on storms up the court before the opposing team has a chance to cross back into their half and set up a defence. (origin: DC)

hotdog . noun
1 A wheelie on a bike, usually when drunk. eg Andy Tipene: “No drunken hotdogs this Nationals.”

hulk smash . noun
1 Using the shaft to block a goal by quickly ducking and touching the ground while staying on the bike in goal.
-SEE ALSO freedom block . noun and knuckle dragging . noun

“I’m hard on!!!” . call
1. letting your teammate know that you are sprinting down the court and an available outlet. from the same jerk who brought you dog soccer…Pat. He shouted it during a game once and it stuck ever since, he meant to say something along the lines of “I’m coming hard up the court” which honestly would’ve been just as hilarious, but not so easily appropriated into game play. (Santa Cruz)

inject yourself . heckle
Origin: Australia. First used at 2009 Australian Nationals. Yelled randomly at anyone who happened to be playing.

international polo whore . heckle
 next level polo slut, but on an international scale. i.e. Captain Morgan from SF

jacky mcknifey . noun
1 when someone jack knifes for no reason

Jedi Council . noun
Australian Hardcourt Bike Polo Association. see here for more info
- see also AHBPA . abbreviation

jedi master , noun 
1. blindly (yet confidently) blocking a shot on an open goal with your shaft (Jacksonville, Florida)

joust . verb
Starting the game by charging for the ball in the centre. 2 n. The first hardcourt bike polo specific frame, the Fleet Velo – Joust.

karlsruhe double stack . noun
one goalie and a second goalie just in front of the main goalie to block his 5-hole.

keanu reeves . noun
secret move played by PoloBears (MELB) It’s so secret that no one outside of the team even knows what it is.

Kentucky Bidet . verb
 To fall and foot down and step or take out your opponent that is beside you.

knife fight . noun
one on one polo in a small court. generally you have to knock over a can or some object to score rather than using goals. (also known as garage polo). Originated in Pensacola, FL at Bike Polo Spring Break in 2010 

knuckle dragging . noun
Using the shaft to block a goal by quickly ducking and touching the ground while staying on the bike in goal.
-SEE ALSO hulk smash . noun and  freedom block . noun

la clementine / cleminguette noun
1 Using the shaft to block a goal by quickly ducking and touching the ground while staying on the bike in goal. Named after clement from Iron Ponies. Also known as fanfreluche (France)
- see also hulk smash , freedom block and knuckle dragging

la hugoÏde . noun
1 named after Hugo from DTGP – ball scoop pass around your front wheel (France)

le eagle or le seattle . verb
1: coming up to a static goalie, gently tapping the ball, then lifting/hacking the goalie’s mallet to let the ball go through the BB (France)

lefty magic or lefty bullshit
Anything a lefty does in the sport.

Lewis . verb (lewising)
When a player hops their bike regaining balance to avoid dabbing. 2 heckle . When a player is hoping the crowd shout “Lewis”.
- ORIGIN Brisbane players were first introduced to this skill by a player formerly from Sydney called Lewis, his name became synonymous with the tactic.

licorice . noun (or to get licorice)
when a player scores all five goals in a game where his or her team serves donuts. ”i earned my licorice last game.”  origin…. i (ghabe) buy licorice for anyone who can do that in our club (Vegas)

Locky . verb
Hitting a player in the face with a mallet.
- ORIGIN Locky, from LSV, hit a player in the face in the final of Nationals 2010. His name became synonymous with the action.

loose butthole
1 when a goalie has moved to far forward in the goal, leaving a large space behind the back wheel. a heckle, letting a teammate know that they are too far forward and watch behind them, or letting a teammate know that the opposing goalie is in such a position. A goal made in such a fashion. 4 when something happens and it sucks. “that game was loose butthole” “that rib shaks creamed corn was loose butthole” (origin Flour City)

the loose shorts rule . fact
when an incident occurs on court and no one is sure who is at fault, the person wearing the looser shorts must take the blame.  Where both parties are wearing equally tight shorts, the person with the longer shorts is deemed to be at fault. (Origin: Sydney)

love dick . heckle
1 Graffitied on players bikes, helmets and as knuckles tattoo’s in permanent marker.
-ORIGIN Nationals 2011 Adelaide, LSV had too much time and a texta.

machined . verb
when Machine’s team comes up against obviously superior opposition but prevails none-the-less.
uses:  you just got , are gonna get …Machined. First heard at pick up in SF , used in DPI 3 and 4, and most recently in Austin qualifier by a heckler when Dan’s team was beaten by Starmaggedon much to his amazement. (origin: Machine)

mallet . noun (pl. mallets)
Commonly a piece of poly ethylene pipe attached to aluminium tubing (ski pole), but can be made of other materials. 2 verb . (malletingmalleted) To place a mallet under a players front wheel.

malletheadz . verb
1. When you take a big swing and the head flies right off the shaft. “You bought a Malletheadz, I see…” (Mark Davis ) 2. the bath salts of bike polo. don’t do it its the dumbest thing to ever try (Capt Jake)

Marc’s wheel shot or Wheel surprise!
1 a controversial and spectacular scoring trick, which stands on hitting the ball with the front wheel and scoring. To validate the trick, the ball has to be shot and not shuffle from the mallet head, onto the wheel. Player then snaps the ball by slightly lifting the front wheel and doing a one hand quarter handlebar twist. Commonly used in Polo velo, the trick was first tried by Marc (Paris) at the 2010 Greifmasters. This trick is very annoying for goalies, who expect seeing the ball hit by the mallet.

mega shuffle – verb
Every mallet is thrown in to get a different mix of games (Sydney)
Regional variations  a) big shuffle (Geneva), b) Big choux-fleur- in Paris when Greg van barben is around the court c) Ultime Bafouille - or Ultime B - Same in Geneva when Quentin pony is around the court. (Kind of Quebcquois) d) mass sort (Florida)

merkle jerk . noun
1 Named for max merkle. A cluster fuck of bikes on court (San Francisco)

merry go round . noun 
- When a player on the other team intertwines their bike/themselves with your bike/yourself (accidentally or otherwise) & you both go careening off into an obscure, away-from-the-play corner of the court. (Coined from Jeremy, “No Love”.) Example: “Are you ready for the Merry-Go-Round, Dus?” ‘No. I’m tired of that ride.”

Messman shot . noun
 when you get beat my the same shot over and over (NA 2010) an unexpected forearm reverse hand shot (then yell Count it!)

more goalies . heckle
Shouted at a team using double or triple keeper.

more wind up . heckle
Shouted at a player when making repeated big swing shots.

mother hen . noun
when you are in goal and someone shoots and the ball ends up under one of your tires. as you defend your goal, you stay on top of that ball like a mother hen. (Origin: CAPITOL BIKE POLO, Sacramento CA)

mucho take easy . heckle
 getting too gnarly on the court (origin: Houston)

muddle . noun
Kiwi for middle.
- see also n . cintre

multi-ball! . heckle
 yelled when a second ball accidently ends up on the court.  Best done during important tournament games.

musgrAIDS . noun
 the resulting infection you get from any contact with the surface of Brisbane’s home court, Musgrave Park.

NAH . noun

The organising body for North American Hardcourt Bike Polo. 2 verb . Playing in a rough, physical manner similar to that in North American polo. Usually shouted by the player while being rough. (Dom)

next goal wins . heckle
when a game has been going too long and you just want it to end
see also boring point

next level shit . noun
to be used when anything new and improved happens in bike polo. eg. referees on inline skates at Ladies Army IV. (Ben from Saint Louis and Adam from Ann Arbor)

nice look . noun
 a genuine compliment about a good but unsuccessful shot on goal 2 heckle  a sarcastic comment about someone’s unsuccessful shot on goal (San Francisco)

nice pass . heckle
1 When a player misses a shot. Mostly when there was an open pass.

ninja the ball . noun
 when a player runs over the ball, resulting in a crash

no arms . heckle
Used to sarcastically compliment a persons shot, eg “Nice shot No Arms”.

no wheelie no goal . heckle
Shouted at a player after scoring.

not a single fuck was given . noun (NASFWG)
Scotties attitude at tournaments, specifically him lying nonchalant on barriers while smoking a ciggy.
Team name for Ned, Prawi and Scottie who won AHBPC 2012, their logo was a photo of Scottie in the above position.

not enough mustard . heckle
when a player is just not playing like he/she could. Example: hey douchebag, not enough mustard on that pass/shot!

NPZ “No Penetration Zone” . noun
to guard the goal as it if it were mike shriver’s sex life (San Francisco)

oakland . heckle
1 to fall off one’s bike the 8th largest city in California (San Francisco)

one, two (une, deux) – verb
1 a simple and efficient two pass game that two offensive do, to over lap a defensive player.

one touch (une touche de balle- verb
1 when offensive player receives a long pass and only touches the ball once and scores. Sometimes, a simple touch changes the path of the ball surprising the goalie. The later the better.

only shot on . (self heckle)
said after taking some silly overly complicated shot, barspin wheelie shot, 180 nose pivot shot etc. 

organizing . verb
talking to yourself in the presence of other polo players. Often wishful expressions that others will perform duties

pantsed . verb
being beaten 5-0.   You have to drop your pants before leaving the court
see also undies

pass it around like you do your girlfriends . heckle 
Used by Sydney team LSV against the Adelaide team That’s What She Said

pearl harbor . noun
to sneak a goal into the immediate corner after biking behind the goal (San Francisco)

penis! . heckle
1 Shouted at players about to shoot for goal in an attempt to put them off. 2 Shouted in a crowd as loud as possible to cause a ruckus.

phoner boner . noun
when you ghost dial a polo buddy without realizing it whilst carrying your mobile device in your front pocket  Origin , Austin ,Texas , Machine to Coyo

pick up . noun
Informal style of polo played across the world where commonly players in teams are randomly drawn by dividing the mallets on the court. Systems and rules vary with region.

polo gods . noun
the ones who determine the mix toss. Do not disturb the choice. (Capitol Bike Polo – Sacramento, CA)

polo juice . noun
 Four Loko (alcoholic drink that has never made it to Australasia) any liquid consumed by polo player  to avoid cheating  3 beer

polo pass . noun
The opportunity to crash at another player’s house in another city for a given amount of time, on the sole merit that you are a fellow bike polo player. The bike polo equivalent of Couchsurfing.org. Also applies to friending people on facebook just because their profile pic is of them playing bike polo.

polo slut . heckle
anyone that will play on any team anywhere(tournaments) just for the sake of playing polo.

PooLip . noun
 when a player leaves the court because he’s playing like a limpdick or having his balls surgically removed in the morning.

pop tart . noun
to end up with your front wheel in the goal. Usually the result of a defender sprinting down the court after a breakaway and losing control of their bike. Has the unintended benefit of placing the defender in the perfect position to remove the ball from the net after getting scored on. (origin Minneapolis)

premature congratulations . heckle
when a team is so elated about scoring a goal that they let their guards down for a second and immediately get scored on. (origin: Machine)

pulling a forest . heckle
(nothing to do with triple Dutch rudders) When player believes the wreck they were just in had nothing to do with them so slings (helicopter bikes) the other players steel steed as far from the accident scene as possible. (origin: machine)

pulling a Javi . heckle
Ability to sleep anywhere and through anything. (LA)

puppy . noun
1 innocent childrens’ pets that mysteriously die every time Vive misses a goal (Melbourne)

queef . noun
 when one runs over the ball (San Francisco)

queef ninja . noun
queef that knocks one off their bike (San Francisco)

quolie . noun
a situation in bike polo where, despite any better position (read: any other position), all three defenders act as the goalie – along with one trapped, unfortunate attacker. (Origin: Lancaster)

Raclette . verb
in french when you intercept a pass by putting your whole mallet off the ground. most of the time that’s the shaft who do the job. A raclette mean somethin’ to scratch cheese from plate or ice from car windows.

rad ripz . adjective
.  when a player puts some stank on a strike !!! (origin: Houston)

rang-attack . verb
1. any play involving one or more redheads

reach around . verb
1 returning the favour to an opposing player either on or off the court by extending arm around back of opposing player and playing with the ball(s) (Origin: Australia)

rear door . noun
1 the space between a defender’s rear wheel and the goal post most near it when acting as a goalkeeper. the anus.

renegade – verb
1 shotgunning a beer by pushing your thumb through a beer can thus making a hole which you drink though (see ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9YV9p6RPHo ) (Orlando)

reverse goalie – adjective
When a player from the opposite team stands across the other team’s goal to stop their goalie from getting in.  A pretty useless tactic that was used heavily for a short time in Sydney pick-up just to piss people off.

ringer . noun
a substitute player who is far better than the person being replaced (San Francisco)

rootbeer approved . noun
 A mark of honor to anything bearing the seal.

safety meeting . noun
1 The call to all “hippie lettuce”-smoking poloistas in a general group or vicinity to retreat to secluded area & partake.

sashay . verb
The backhand over / across the bars  shots
- DERIVATIVES (when whiffed or blocked) the sash-nay or sashnot

schwide . heckle
when a player takes a shot and it goes wide of the goal (seattle)

scrotesque . adjective
1 horribly botched as in “that shot was scrotesque…” (San Francisco)

seatbelt . verb  
a shot backwards on the steering side of the bike, ending up with the shooting arm wrapped across one’s torso.

shank town . heckle
1 Used in Sydney when someone has a clear shot at goal and completely misses
see also bob’d it

shitballs or sickballs . verb
Ether a positive or negative term.

shepherds hook . noun
1 Referring to strange mallet heads made in a mold out of melted plastic bag.

shoeing . verb
A Brisbane sign of respect where the crowed throws their shoes at a player. Hard. Not to be confused with the modern Arab protest of shoeing. Often reserved for spectacular play or a fair-well.
-ORIGIN Invented by Rootbeer while heckling Johnson for not getting out of goal during a Sunday pick up game. It soon evolved into a mark of respect, albiet violent and smelly.

shot . noun
To hit the ball with the round end of the mallet, enabling the player to score a goal.

shotgun . verb
Method of sculling a can of beer, usually by piercing the bottom of the can.

shuffle . verb
To hit the ball with the flat of the mallet, not using the round tip like a shot. To score a goal with anything that is not a shot eg. the shaft. in Geneva and some other french talkers area) mix all the mallet for pick up after a series of same players games.

signature move . heckle
when someone fucks up consistently (smashes front wheel, misses an easy shot, mallet hacks etc)

the sixth defender . noun
1 Taking a hard shot that ends up in your own wheel cover.

slam dunk . verb
An enormous wind up and hopefully a very hard hit from about six inches away from the goal line. An empty net is required. Even better when your shaft hits the goal like when a player’s hands touch the rim in basketball

slash . verb
Using a shaft to hit another players shaft, aiming to break the shaft or disarm the player. Now considered a penalty. 2 noun . Glam rock guitarist with a hat and a mop of hair

slayer . noun
 player with mad polo skillz. Uses “incoming Slayer” , Slay you later , Ya wanna Slay together

slow-cook . verb
 to play polo at a strategically slower pace. Could be relative to other team, or to one’s typical speed. (origin: Toronto)

slow joust . noun
A joust where each player can only make three revolutions with the pedals and then must stop and coast to the ball. (Sydney)

slow-lo . verb
slow rolling shot on an open goal that no one manages to reach and a goal is scored (Houston)

smang - verb
1 the ad hoc truing of a taco’d wheel, by repeatedly striking it against the ground.

smang it . verb
1 To both smash and bang the ball. Derived from the Turquoise Jeep Movement .  “Smang it!” can be used as spoken impetus to any action accomplished by said bashing/smashing. Eg – If your teammate has drawn a double team in the defensive half, you may instruct him/her to “SMANG IT!” which would imply an aggressive clearing of the ball.  Likewise, a teammate who is struggling with the decision to attempt a long range slapshot against a vulnerable or out of position goalie may be encouraged to “SMANG IT!” rather than trying to attempt further manoeuvring.

smash mallets – verb
Refers to an intense game of polo.. Example: “hey you wanna go smash mallets?” (peDal jUnkies)

 snack hand – verb
a back hand shot (Santa Cruz)

snikkel . noun
 is another word for mallet (in Dutch it also means dick in some particular slang) (origin Enschede)

sniper . noun
Any player with laser point accuracy able to put a ball in from almost any place on the court or through multiple bottom brackets. 2 when a shot or pass gets stuck under someone’s wheel, causing them to foot down (origin: Jacksonville) see also ninja ball

snow cone - noun
1 carrying the ball on the end of the mallet with the ball sitting in the end of the pipe. (no longer allowed in tournament play) (Machine)

speedbump . verb
 to put one’s mallet under a player’s front wheel, usually causing that player to dab.

sporting equipment/art project . noun
What travelling polo players tell the airline baggage counter attendants when asked about their large, heavy bag.

squirrel: (or pulling a Colleen) . noun
riding away from the court to take a pee right before the next game begins. having a bladder that holds 12 oz. or less (Xian, SF)

stale bread . verb
Gently shooting the ball by tapping to catch a keeper off guard.

strawpedo . verb
Using a straw as a snorkel to scull a beer.

swing harder in case you hit it! . heckle
Used when a player has a huge wind up big and then misses the ball (Christchurch NZ)

t-bone . verb
To crash into the side of a player, this can incur a sever penalty.

tap-out . verb
To tap one of two central points after dabbing allowing player to return to play.

tea bag . noun
when the ball is caught between the goalie and the lip of the goal (San Francisco)

tea bagged . verb
when your city is visited by tea from FRESNO! example …..San Francisco, LosAngeles, Seattle, Sacramento, SLO,Santa Cruz , Arizona, Las Vegas, U.C Davis,…lololololol and the next city tea attends, they will be tea bagged!!!!!!!   (origin:FRESNO BIKE POLO) 

texas two piece . noun

1 two goals back to back (origin: Houston)

the eagle flies at midnight . heckle
just plain jabberwocky (San Francisco) 2 an instruction from one Team Gravy Pants member to the other (or letting your team mate know you are about to) to smash the other teams goalies mallet as hard as possible, with the intention of breaking the mallet or (as also happened on occasion) hitting the mallet clean out of the court. This is now considered a dick move (Machine) 3 More specifically, when a Gravy Pants player can maintain control of the ball for for a while, He/She yells ‘Eagle Flies at Midnite’ as instruction for Scizzorz to ASSASSINATE the other teams goalie. As soon as the goalie is off the ground/out of the way, a goal is scored. The best example was in Portland, May 2011. And proudly, Scizzy-poo had to get in the penalty box but somehow the goal still counted!

the joker . noun
1 When a player leans on a wall or fence with their foot, then push off back into the court used mostly in corners. (Maxx)

titty jenga . game
a version of giant jenga played at polo bbqs where you may only remove blocks by using your breasts (Origin: Portland)

top center . heckle
1 When annoying Australians are annoying. (East Van)

top shelf . noun
1 Scoring a goal above the defender’s wheel, in the top corner of the net. 2 when you pull out a top notch bullshit move from your arse

tripoding without a mallet . compliment
what one comments when someone makes a beautiful, sexy shot (San Francisco)

Tulsa Turnaround . noun
1 Tulsa Turnaround is similar to the Blind Watson in that both shoot the ball behind you while riding away from the goal. The difference is that the Tulsa Turnaround is steering side shot that requires you to reach across and over your bars to shoot the ball behind you. (Portland)
-ORIGIN Named after the Kenny Rogers song of the same name.

thats what she said . heckle
1 Used in any situation where a person says anything that can be taken as sexual eg “I can’t get it in”, “Your mallet is really long” etc. 2 noun . Team name of the 2011 Nationals runners up from Adelaide.

top key . noun
A play, calling for a pass in front of the oppositions goal.
- DERIVATIVES Tea Kettle and TK
- ORIGIN Tea Kettle was made famous by Captain Morgan as a heckle against Brisbane players at the Taupo Tap-Out in New Zealand.

tripod . verb
A player balancing on the bike using the mallet for support, resembling a tripod.

undies . noun
losing 5-0 as in “show us your undies” – pub pool rules.
see also pantsed

USA cheater mallet – noun
 White tube heads that are wide as shit and allow scooping for almost any noob.

vagina . heckle
yelled when Brook is about to take a shot at goal because he never chokes on “penis” (Sydney)

waffle . noun
a goal that is a both a shuffle and shot or just unclear which one it is (origin Minneapolis)

WeR3 . noun
 used as a reference for any group(no matter how many) of polo players that come together to enhance the poloverse and our enjoyment of polo. Eg. The NAH, all the club reps in the world, each club individually , all the photographers, all the refs, all the livestreamers and videographers…. and ultimately The Poloverse -WeR3 coz we are ALL in this together. (origin: machine)

wheel fu . verb
the art of manoeuvring your front wheel as a shield to defend the ball from other mallets skillful front wheel play in general

wheel kick . noun
 an attempt to move the ball by hitting it with the front wheel; this is achieved by jerking the handlebars a la the sport of cycleball.  not a legal shot.

wheel shot . noun
 a shot that is aimed to bounce off of a wheel (not to be confused with a wheel kick).  Is totally badass.

whiff . noun/verb
(noun) a big swing that misses 2 (verb) to take a big swing that misses. ( origin: Fort Myers)

whip . noun
1 Term for bike.

why didn’t you try to stop that? . heckle
1 Said to goalie after they let an opposing team’s shot into the net.

wild swings . verb
Shots made with a large windup of the players mallet. Can be derogatory.

wizard’s wand . noun
 tracing a circle around the ball right before taking a shot, as if casting a spell

working vacation . noun
Travelling to a rad city for a polo tournament, but not getting to see much of the city because you’re playing polo/drinking/socializing. Often remedied by arriving in city 1-2 days before tourney, or staying 1-2 days afterward.

yer going down . heckle
friendly terminology aimed at anyone you may be jousting against in a tournament, for the purpose of letting them know that you know that they are good but this time they need to be better.

yoghurt cup . noun
 any machined out head eg MILK

you’ll do . heckle
Gold Coast pickup line, used by Bennet to distract the opposition or to woo Ollie – usually followed by the pick up line: “Want to come back to my caravan and look at my Centrelink cheque?”

Alternate names for Bike Polo:
- Bike Polo
- Hardcourt
- Bike Hockey
- Faggot Bike Golf
- Space hockey
- Extreme Urban Hammerball
- Honkey ball
- Bicycle stick fighting
-  Iron Horse Ball (China)
-  “It’s like water polo ………. but on bicycles”  (Justin, Dead Babies Bike Club , East Van Chapter)
- Vélo polo
- PoloVélo
- Vélo polo sur surface dure
- Hipster hockey
- Street polo yo

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By Ollie Wykeham