Player profile: Jillian Rose

August 15, 2013 at 7:45 am

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About you

Name: Jillian Rose

City: Santa Cruz, CA

Team: Dog Soccer!, chiches bravas (LA5)

Years played: Little over a year

Occupation: bike mechanic, geographical researcher, hoister of small children up rock walls and valet bike parker

Super Power: i read comics…

Favourite Heckle: well first off.. lookit you and your limey spelling…

Bike: larkin original 26″ with 48h salsa gordos. soon to have a fixcraft disc front with shitty components cause i’m too broke to afford anything better right now. LA5 broke the bank…


What is your best polo memory? bellingham, on the beach, pre ladies army 5 and the bike ride from B-ham to Vancouver (minus Matt B breaking his chain and smashing his face)

Where do you see polo in 5 years time? hopefully, where i live at least, a sport recognized by the city and able to host events in the same space as the derby girls with enough interest to attract an amount of players in the double digits year-round…

What is your dream polo-cation spot? Australia and then up to Japan, for at least a month in each…

goalhole 2

About your home town

Number of players: 4 – 14 depending on the time of year, with 50 to 20% being female

How often do you play? three days a week plus random meet-ups

What is your home town famous for? home town of Dog Soccer!, which then spread to the glorious island of Oz and the to the rest of the poloverse; being a tourist town which values appearance over sanitation; and the Sh!tfest polo bench tourney the most drunken friendly i’ve been to, which actually doesn’t mean much as I have been to three so far)


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