Team profile: Underdogs

July 8, 2013 at 9:21 am

underdogs 2

Team name: Underdogs

Players:  Wag, Garga, Fávio

City:  São Paulo, Brazil

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How long have you played together? Since early 2011

Best results:  Brasilian Champs 2011/2012/2013, 2º place in South American Championship 2011 in Chile, Champions in South American Championship 2012, in Argentina

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Where did your team name come from?: We wanted a humble name, a disbelieved one that take all by surprise in when we get there and play a good Polo, and people would say…”WTF, where does this guys come from?”’

Any training secrets you want to share? None, just doing a lot of fundamentals,

underdogs 4

What is your best team memory?  Last year in the semi-finals, of South American Tournament when we played against Jinetes del Apocalipse from Argentina the crowd started to howl like a pack of wolves, all the dogs in the park started to howl as well and that gave us strength to beat them and go to the finals.

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Pick a song to describe each of your team mates? ”Who let the dogs out” for both of them

What heckles work on your team mates? when we lose confidence and begin to play alone and not like a team.

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Which team do you love playing and which team do you hate playing? love playing Monopolientos – Santiago, Chile and hate playing Jinetes del Apocalipse – Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Thanks to Garga for sending this in.

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