Team profile: 5G

June 25, 2013 at 8:09 am

5G London Open 2012 Small

Team name - 5G

Players names - Chan (Andy), Razor (Neil), Welshbrn (Emyr)

City - Manchester, GB

5G and Cosmic at London Open 2012

How long have you played together? - March 2012

Best results - 2nd Bristol Open 2013; 5th = UK Championships 2012

Where did your team name come from? - 5G = the fifth goal ie. the goal that finishes the game…

Razor, Chan, Welsbrn Finalists Bristol Open 2013

Any training secrets you want to share? - Solo polo + polo video + thirding the beer. Also a big shout to Crusher’s Lancaster Polo Blog – the best collection of polo thought and advice on the net.

What is your best team memory? - Driving the team 4 hours home in the polobus after getting to our first national final.

Pick a song to describe each of your team mates? - Chan – Pretenders ‘Tattooed Love Boys’; Welshbrn – Stereophonics ‘Local Boy in the Photograph; Razor – Defunkt ‘The Razor’s Edge’.

What heckles work on your team mates? - Chan – ‘Shoulda bought an Oak/Bantam/Joust etc.”; Welshburn “Em, does 0.999 really = 1?”

5G Bristol Open 2013

Which team do you love playing and which team do you hate playing? - Love to play Daverage and Cosmic. If the opponents are here to play polo then we don’t hate…

We know what happens on the road, stays on the road, but really what has happened on tour with you guys? Do your team mates have any really bad habits? - Give Chan too much choice (beer/food/boutique bike parts etc.) and he’s lost; Welshburn’s trivia databank ruins many a good conversation…

Your plane crashes in remote location. Only you three survive. There is no food to be found. Which team mate do you eat first? They’re totally unsavoury and inedible – I’ll start on myself thanks…!

Chan and Welshbrn

Thanks to Neil Ruddock for sending this in.

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