9 tips to reach bike packing guru status

December 18, 2012 at 6:55 am

Travel is a huge part of bike polo for a lot of players. Flying with a bike can be a hassle but having a good bike bag and the right packing system makes a huge difference. As you can see from the picture above, I am a chaotic bike packer at the best of times.  I have no system apart from bike in first, mallets in last which is probably why my frame ends up with more scratches in transit than it does on the court.

Lucky for me, Dave Bell has come to the rescue.  Dave runs BOgear, a company dedicated to making hard wearing outdoor gear from their little design studio in Brisbane, Australia. They also use a lot of reclaimed material in their products which is awesome.  After much research and years of painstaking polo travel, Dave has started producing Royd bike bags and has written and filmed a guide to packing your precious cargo.

I know we have already taken a look at travel in an earlier post called Tournament Tips.  Dave takes it a few steps further with his step by step instructional video (below).  If reading is more your thing, check out the BOgear post here

Prefer things short and sweet?  Here are Dave’s nine steps:

1. Use zip ties
2. Use protective guards on your axles
3. Use drop out protectors
4. Tape drop out protectors in place
5. Zip tie your chain to your chainring (if you are lazy)
6. Use bags and stuff sacks to fill wasted volume in your bag, protect your bike, and reduce your carry on weight
7. Zip tie bags and padding down. Yeah I know this is also tip #1, but it is important!
8. Pad your bike frame tubes
9. Pack your wheels low to protect your frame.

How do you usually travel with your bike? What are your tips for packing?

By Virginia Castellan and Dave Bell

Disclaimer: All of the GOALHOLE crew own one or more of Dave’s products.  We think his stuff is awesome. Dave has also been a massive supporter of bike polo in Australia and New Zealand. We make no apology for promoting his products – we think you should buy some too.  Go on!  Take a look – BOGear