AHBPC 2014 by Carbon Addiction

April 15, 2014 at 8:24 am

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All photos by Peter Maniaty / Carbon Addiction

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Tournaments: Liga del jamón, Spain

April 10, 2014 at 7:28 am

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By Aitor Bellino

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AHBPC 2014 by Joelle Miller (part 2)

April 9, 2014 at 8:22 am


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All photographs by Joelle Miller.

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AHBPC 2014.. by Joelle Miller (part 1)

April 7, 2014 at 8:11 am

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All photographs by Joelle Miller.

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Video: AHBPC 2014 by Andy Messersmith

April 4, 2014 at 7:11 am

A small taste of what is to come by the very talented Andy Messersmith

Tournaments: Australasian Champs by just_fran

April 3, 2014 at 12:17 pm

Fresh. #ahbpc14 #sydneybikepolo #bikepolo

It's on!!! Good luck everybody!!! #ahbpc14 #bikepolo #sydneybikepolo

YCBS. @prosickkent #ycbs #ahbpc14 #bikepolo #sydneybikepolo #realkents

Goalie lyf. #ahbpc14 #sydneybikepolo #bikepolo

Brisbane babes. @erinarwen @heresollie #ahbpc14 #bikepolo

Hipster beer & hipster hockey. #pbr #ahbpc14 #bikepolo

Team Zissou minus one brake lever @captainkiiten and a cracked frame @sunbakeddoor #ahbpc14 #teamzissou #bikepolo

First hot game of the day. Team Zissou vs. The Fist @sydneybikepolo @swallowspolo @lightfootpolo #ahbpc14 #bikepolo #sydneybikepolo

The @sydneybikepolo crew!! </p>
<p><a href=Sydney clash. Lemons vs. C U Next Tuesday #ahbpc14 #bikepolo #sydneybikepolo @lightfootpolo @sydneybikepolo

The Fist vs. The Sentinels. Amazing tournie @sydneybikepolo #ahbpc14 #bikepolo

2014 AHBPC WINNER!! The Fist #ahbpc14 #bikepolo

All photographs by just_fran

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Lookin’ at ya bits: Nathanael Fournier

March 18, 2014 at 7:01 am


Owner: Nathanael Fournier

City: Wellington, New Zealand

Frame/Fork: Joust Wide

Headset/Stem/Bars/Grips: FSA Orbit X, Generic, SQBLT, Ergon

Seat/Post/Clamp: Bontrager Evoke, Thomson Inline, Thomson

Pedals: SPD

Cranks/Bottom Bracket/Chain ring/Sprocket/Chain: Saint, Shimano HT2, Surly 34T, White Industries Trials 20T, KMC X8

Brakes/Pads/Lever/Cables: Shimano Deore V-brake, Koolstop, Paul Duplex, Shimano/Teflon cables

Wheels/Hubs/Tyres: Salsa Gordo 48h, Surly, Schwalbe Marathon

Extras? Race Face bash ring, Paul brake booster, stem and top tube pad


Why did you choose this bike/setup?

I bought this frame before the market was saturated with so many different custom polo frame options, so, Joust was one of the better options available. Having been designed by a family with a long history in the bike industry, the bike geometry is well thought out and the weld quality is exceptional. The head angle and trail is not so aggressive that the bike jackknifes at the slightest turn and yet the turning radius is awesome. Also, I never pedal strike, the bike is tight yet no toe overlap and the true temper ox platinum steel is next level cro-moly. In choosing parts I went for durable parts that would last or could be fully rebuilt / serviced.

How long have you played on this bike for? Have you played on anything else?

I’ve been on this bike for two years but have played on many other bikes. A few old 10 speeds, a Kona MTB, and a Surly Steamroller.


What are the best things about your bike?

Ride quality.

What are some recent changes you have made to your bike?

The bike has gone through a few iterations.
I had a problem solvers brake splitter which I replaced for the Paul duplex lever.
I’ve gone from riser bars to the SquareBuilt bars. I like the 11 degrees of sweep.
The 2×2 single speed set up in the photos is now a true single speed, mainly because I found I was too lazy to swap from polo to street gear.
The new Bontrager saddle is not one I would have chosen normally but they have a butt sizing tool that measures your sit bones and it sounds dumb but it’s the most comfortable saddle I have ever owned.
40mm stem – tweaking the fit.

What are the worst things about your bike? What would you change?

I think I went overkill on the wheels. If you want indestructible wheels 48h is the way to go, but I think lighter 36 spoke wheels with covers would be plenty strong enough for me.

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Tournaments: South Island Champs 2014, Timaru, New Zealand

March 14, 2014 at 7:56 am



Ten teams from the South Island of New Zealand competed last weekend for the South Island Cup. The winners were C4 Christchurch with the Timaru teams Ash Samwidch and Village Bike rounding out the top 3.

Photographs by Clara Miles / Xavier Miles / Tony Miles

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Tournaments: California Ladies Bike Polo Summit

March 4, 2014 at 7:46 am

Davis ladies

These California ladies aren’t messing around. They love bike polo and they want more lady slayers to love bike polo too.

Capitol Bike Polo and Davis Bike Polo have been working hard to recruit and support female bike polo players. They’ve started hosting ladies only bike polo events that are geared towards beginners and skill building on a weekly basis. And guess what?! Women attendance to pickup has picked up dramatically at these two clubs!

The excitement of Sacramento and Davis’ successful recruitment of more female bike polo players motivated them to create the California Ladies Bike Polo Summit, scheduled for April 5-6th. After posting a picture of their first all ladies polo event on Facebook, Christine Carrisosa suggested in the comments, “I think it would be a really great idea to have a ladies weekend. Do a mini Ladies Army and co-ed tourney. Get all us fab, mallet swinging betty’s together and have a little fun!” Sam Bell (San Francisco), Mel Brocious (LA), and Jillian Browy (Santa Cruz) along with many other California players jumped in with suggestions, and started helping organize the details. The guys were quick to volunteer as broom sweepers and spatula wielders, excited about the tournament. Sixty comments later, the California Ladies Bike Polo Summit was born.

The goals of the tournament are to build skills, gain experience, and help teams get ready for Ladies Army 6, a female only tournament that takes place in Toronto this July. While the exact tournament structure for the Summit isn’t finalized, preliminary plans consist of day one involving Swiss Rounds followed by double elimination tournament for lady bike polo players only. The Double Elimination portion of the tournament may take place Sunday morning. Day two (Sunday) will be a co-ed bench. Each team competing in the co-ed bench must have a female on the court at all times.

The Summit tournament will take place on the best courts in California: Ernie Sheldon Park’s roller hockey courts in Folsom. These are the same courts hosting the Southwest Qualifier this year, and the courts that Capitol Bike Polo and Davis Bicycle Polo  hope might have the honor of hosting Ladies Army 7, next year.

When: April 5-6th, 2014

Where: Folsom Courts, 362 Natoma Station Drive Folsom, CA 95630

Host clubs: Capitol Bike Polo and Davis Bicycle Polo

Contact person: Christine 916-616-0059

More information: California Ladies Bike Polo Summit, on Facebook

Registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Unebxh_LDtY4wig-YmKCw2Y_0uFyZRAXvmo8NLQdPto/viewform

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City Report: Prague, Czech Republic

February 27, 2014 at 7:01 am


Tell us a little bit about your city. 

Prague is the capitol city of the Czech Republic which accommodates about one 1/10 of entire Czech population which counts a bit over 10 mils inhabitants. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, what is proofed by millions of visitors from around the world. Its beauty comes from historical background which covers over 1000 civilized years without any larger damage (no fire nor war attack). It means that the center of town is unique mixture of all historically evolved architectonical and building styles, which provide space for different pub schemes – amazing offer of atmosphere based places.

Bike scene in Prague is not very spread around since its relief is (compared to other capitols in Europe) rather wavy – altitude difference reaches up to 150 m. Generally, Czechs are quite into bike sports, in sense of conquering marvelous landscape around their cities. The bike service facilities are huge and competition pushes prices down. But Czechs and Prague especially, are less into using bike as a mean of commuting. Messengers and other regular bike commuters are rather pioneers. Among all who experienced biking in Prague, plenty of obstacles is spoken up: cobblestones, tramlines, inconsiderate car drivers, lacking infrastructure … Despite it some elements met together and Prague got its fixed gears bikers, alleycats, bike kitchen (only 1=one place so far).


When and how did polo start here?

In Prague bike polo started from fixedgearbiker’s need to meet more at sports than in pub (which is real struggle in general in the Czech republic) and few alleycats didn’t fulfill this demand. It was October 28 2009 when first official polo meeting was set. The first bike polo scene made even their player‘s cards! Unfortunately, vast of players came up from group of expats who were accompanied by few Czechs. Since beginning the guys struggled with inappropriate courts. These two facts later, in year 2011, resulted in almost death of bike polo after moving out of fundamental players.

Enthusiasm and big effort of Pavel, our godfather, who spent a lot of evenings with searching proper courts on google maps and drove kilometers to see them all in year 2012. He was successful in a sport club which later released its unused asphalt tennis court and let Pavel to build boards around. Prague sighted its first bike polo court!


How many people play in your city?

There is steady group of six people coming to play regularly. Another three come time to time.

How often do you play?

In peak season (May-September) we gather twice a week and once on weekend. Outside peak season we are limited by short day light and harsh weather conditions. After October’s time shift we are forced to play only on weekends.

Tell us about your courts 

Our court is former tennis asphalt court with additionally raised boards of 50 cm height. Outbound measures are 26×16 m. We are allowed to use a small cabin for keeping bikes, goals, sofa, fridge, sound system (etc.) for annual fee of 6000 CZK (about 350 USD). The fact, that surface is not smooth enough nor measures are satisfactory, is compensated by possibility to use the court 24/7 and we have electricity to keep our beers fresh in fridge.


What have you found works to get new people playing polo in your city?

So far, the most effective ways appear:

  • to present our sport among “bike polo untouched” bikers;
  • to organize bike polo competition events with massive facebook based marketing.

Are there any other clubs nearby? How far away is the nearest city that plays?
We are in close contact with guys from Pardubice (about 100 km), Brno (200 km), Vienna (300 km), München (350 km).

Do you play with other clubs in your country often? If so is this for tournaments or for just casual?

Both Pardubice and Brno guys struggle with lack of players. This means whole Czech bike polo community meets often in one of those cities.


Has your city hosted any tournaments or are you hosting any soon? Please tell us about them.
We haven’t hosted any real international tournaments yet. Beside that we hosted the qualifier for EHBPC2013 and National Championship 2013 which were very international by the way since Czech bike polo community is half Czech and half expats (again).

On the other hand, we know Prague is pretty attractive place to host some tournament and we are already working on it!


Tell us a little known fact about your city.

You don’t need to buy any food in Prague from May to October, as long as you are satisfied with fresh fruit growing in parks in central areas which are pretty achievable by bike.

One of the guys establishing bike polo in Prague (and Czech Republic in reality) was Rob Lawrence who plays master polo in Bordeaux, France, team Warlocks.

Anything else you want to add?

Come to play to Prague! There is always someone to hang around and have a beer with, either on court or outside!


By Jiří Janků

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