Ladies Army 666 by Joelle Miller.. part 2

July 8, 2014 at 8:08 am

Terminally Chill Tonya Hardings vs. Clitorati Andrea from Saskatoon Back to the Fuscia Super babe Elena Hot Honey Biscuits vs. Valkyries Andrea keeping goal. Iluminaughti vs Terminally Chill Iluminaughti vs Valkyries Jackie from Ovary Action Jamelyn of TWAT, (Two Wheeled Attack Team). Johanna from the Iluminaughtis. Maija of the Cunning Stunts Pangea vs Kuntswerk Pangea Wins! Sunshine Hate

All photos by Joelle Miller

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Tournaments: Ladies Army 666 by Joelle Miller – part 1

July 3, 2014 at 1:23 pm

0N5A1366 Azusa from Tokyo team Sango. I could watch Elena play all day. Pangea fighting it out at the Wallace Emerson court. Cunning Stunts vs Ovary Action Dufferin Grove Court A Fixin' Spokes Hot Honey Biscuits Celebrating our win against Clitorati. Nyan Nyan Border Sango vs Leftöver Höt Cäkez Sango vs. Valkyries Steph and Tori from Saskatoon. Science! The Cuntrol on Court We pose with my figure skating uncle Kurt Browning. Watching Hot Honey Biscuits Best wheel cover ever. We won our game against Science!

All photos by Joelle Miller

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Team profile: the Trixies

June 18, 2014 at 9:29 am

Trixies Team Photo

Team name: the Trixies

Players: Jean Noricks, Christine (“Tine”) Carrisosa from Sacramento and Jennifer Kutzleb from Davis, California

How long have you played together?

The Trixies have been playing together since December, 2013

Best results

We didn’t come in DFL at the Southwest Qualifier! Woot!

Trixies_Jennifer Kutzleb playing bike polo

Where did your team name come from?

It took a long time trying to figure it out but we finally settled on Trixie from Speed Racer, thus the Trixies!

Any training secrets you want to share?

Get out on the court by yourself and get some ball time. Run the ball, shoot the ball, handle the ball, your polo will improve! Also talk strategy with your teammates and after a game, talk about where you think you did well, and what you need to work on as a team. It helps to reflect on what you’re doing as a team on the court and to have goals to strive towards.

What is your best team memory?

Our best team memory is playing for the first time together at the 2014 California Ladies Bike Polo Summit in Sacramento. It was such a fun weekend. We got to meet and be inspired by all these amazing women polo players, we loved it!

Pick a song to describe each of your team mates?  

Jean: Beast of Burden (Pizza Burnin’)

Tine: Enter the Ninja

Jenny: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Trixies_Christine Carrisosa playing bike polo

What heckles work on your team mates?   


For Tine: : “GET IT IN THEIR HOLE!!!!”


Which team do you love playing and which team do you hate playing?       

LOVE PLAYING The Trix-He’s! and Gypsy Curse. HATE TsuMonCha. Look forward to playing Yolo Fruit Stand at Ladies Army 6!!

We know what happens on the road, stays on the road, but really what has happened on tour with you guys? Do your team mates have any really bad habits?       

We haven’t traveled very far together yet, but we’re heading to Ladies Army 6 and will be living together for 5 whole days! Pretty sure we’ll learn more about each other than any of us wanted too! It’s gonna be fun!

Trixies_Jean Noricks playing bike polo

Your plane crashes in remote location. Only you three survive. There is no food to be found. Which team mate do you eat first?     

Because we’re only killers ON the court, not off, we’d just wait until one of us dies and eat them first. No killing someone for food, that would be very unsportsperson like!          

To learn more about the Trixies, visit:

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City Report: Ibiza, Spain

June 16, 2014 at 7:48 am


Tell us a little bit about your city. 

The Island of Ibiza is about 56km long and 34kms across in area, around 200,000 population.  Last year we had over 5,000,000  visitors, Remember Ibiza is the European capital of music etc.


When and how did polo start here?

We started playing polo about two years ago, after watching it being played in Barcelona.

How many people play in your city?

At the moment we have around ten .


How often do you play?

We play every Sunday afternoons.

Tell us about your courts

We play on grass, but often play on hardcourt as well.


What have you found works to get new people playing polo in your city?

We are having a real push to get players.

Are there any other clubs nearby? How far away is the nearest city that plays?

We are the only club on the Island, nearest is Barcelona.

Do you play with other clubs in your country often? If so is this for tournaments or for just casual?

At the moment it is casual.


Has your city hosted any tournaments or are you hosting any soon?

We would like to host a tournament in the near furture, we are making inquires about a suitable venue,  as there are many hardcourt  tennis / football pitches in Ibiza.

Tell us a little known fact about your city.

Ibiza is a beautiful Island full of beaches, restaurants and is famous for it night life.

By Art Thomson

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Tournaments: Zagreb Bike Polo International 2014

May 23, 2014 at 8:11 am

983680_631229750305437_8203231744755291394_n 10341767_631229786972100_8596668881086139802_n 1461576_631229713638774_2266798690877200951_n 1378772_631229933638752_7706798052015728913_n 10277449_631229983638747_3978190707606081953_n 1376318_631230086972070_5887534674808943626_n 1012578_631234100305002_2735903099677801678_n 10262134_631234400304972_567456527718465620_n 10299088_631234570304955_7690328114619374797_n 10342957_631234620304950_6378675059200273399_n 10308882_631234716971607_2828199169467616395_n 1023556467414 10366306_631228806972198_797254828588805683_n 10298795_631228856972193_8876017105586532659_n 10411314_631228980305514_6380960469534036355_n 10338278_631229136972165_7814658904731985696_n  10297733_631229216972157_8257186168380853655_n 10313729_631229526972126_3416846774868590857_n

All photographs by Živi NePrijatelj

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Tournaments: peDal jUnkies Smack in da Middle III – Fresno California

May 15, 2014 at 9:41 am


The third edition of the annual pedDal jUnkies Smack in da Middle tournament was held in Fresno, California on 27th-28th April 2014. Christine, Autumn, Jenny and Mike share their Smack in da Middle stories.

Christine Carrisosa

This year SIDM was truly host to some of the world’s best polo players. The Beavers, playing in a tournament for the first time since taking Worlds, took first place.Emerging from Portland Oregon, the Prospectors wowed spectators with awesome passing and shooting, giving the Beavers some strong competition and upsetting San Francisco’s, the Control. This is the third time that Tea & Sara of the Fresno Pedal Junkies and Fresno Bike Polo have organized and hosted this event. Their experience in doing this and the relationships that Tea has made with sponsors and people in the polo community really paid off. Everything ran smoothly thru the am and pm brackets on Saturday to the double elimination rounds on Sunday. Fruit, water and bagels were provided all weekend, with a homemade Mexican food feast on Saturday and a local specialty food truck, Dusty Buns, serving sandwiches and salads on Sunday. Over 20 teams from the West Coast competed, conversed, partied and had a great time. I know it just ended but I’m already excited for next year….#SMACKINDAMIDDLE4 YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE



Autumn Hardy

It was a beautiful foggy Saturday morning heading to the train station to catch the 6:40am 702 Amtrak train to Fresno.  The train ride is 3 in half hours, just like in a car ride. I have been taking the train to Fresno since Tea has started the club.Tournament morning is always a fun one. I got there right as my team Galactic Cannibalism (Sarah and Mel from Los Angeles Bike Polo) was arriving from the drive up. We signed up for registration with  Mrs. Pedal Junkies , and signed the waiver forms. There were teams from Sacramento, Davis, San Frisco, Santa Cruz, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Fresno, and Visalia. With out of state players, and international ones as well.We were in the afternoon bracket, and helped run the morning bracket. Sarah and Joel (San Frisco Bike Polo) were the numbers and behind the board, setting up the teams against each. Mel was the voice and getting all the players to the court, and  I was the time keeper and score keeper, letting Sarah know the scores of the games and the winners, etc. As we watched the morning bracket run thru smoothly, we started getting ready for our bracketing to start.The first Day was Swiss Bracketing with 5 rounds. This was my team’s second tournament playing together. We placed 9th in the afternoon bracketing. Our stats 2/3/0   -6   +11.  The Second day was the one to focus on, Double Elimination Bracketing. We won our first game, then our next one was against The Control (Andrew, Ace, and Forrest SF Bike Polo) that was 5-0 the Control, in this case I feel like they are my mentors and playing against them in any game I get better no matter if I win or lose. That put our team in the losers bracket. Then we played our last game, I feel like the new rules were not in play so much. There is a point where you have to realize that if you pull a certain move, you can seriously hurt your fellow player. I think the new contact rules might need to be enforced  in the future games of play. After that game we were eliminated from the tournament, and I refereed the court A for the rest of the afternoon, until the final games of the day.
The Control, The Beavers, The Prospectors were the tops three teams at the end of the second day.  In the final game, The Beavers (Joey, Brian, Eric SF Bike Polo) against the Prospectors (Portland Bike Polo). This game was a nail bitter. The Prospectors were holding it down until Joey and Eric and Brian pull a 3 hard press and with Joey’s hawk eye shooting abilities, their goals were quick, fast.  The Prospectors were using their defense to try to create a pass to the end, and at the right moment in time they would find the line and make a goal. It was a goal for goal, until Joey scores the final goal to end the game and tournament. They got off their bikes to shake the hands and hug it out for being an awesome game of bike polo.
At the end of day we all pile together for the tournament picture! Bruised, bloody, sunburned and all smiles!  Prizes are handed out. and My girl Mel (Galactic Cannibalism LA Bike Polo) got most improved player, Jillian (Santa Cruz Bike Polo) was MVP.
I just want to give a shout out to Tea for throwing an awesome tournament. Its been 3 years, and I haven’t missed one yet. Thanks to all the sponsors and the City of Fresno for believing in Tea and the Bike Polo community, the people who housed everyone and feed, watered, all of us polo players. We couldn’t have done it without you. I had such a blast, and would miss this tournament for anything. Love and happy thoughts to the polo family, till our next tournament!

10305060_697908240269704_4341888820271299904_n 10314476_697908263603035_6504283972430897355_n 10325621_697907366936458_3733123764459278256_n 1017018_697907390269789_8302839197403139675_n

Jenny Kutzleb

As a newbie player, this was an amazing tournament. I got to see some of the best teams in the country compete. Watching the games helped open my eyes to all the skills I need to work on: diversifying my shot, playing better offense and defense. After the tournament I just want to play more polo!

1554368_697907506936444_7529686642309877781_n 1907300_697908130269715_7913100926992327582_n 10153115_697908296936365_8097379688626823136_n


Mike Maverick

My Fresno tournament experience… first of all the drive from San Diego is great; five and half hours , no problem, it’s the same distance to Tempe and it’s not as far as San Francisco and it’s a good centrally located spot. the traffic on the 99 wasn’t that great but that I think is extenuating circumstances because of the weather. the weather was kind of unexpected it rained the first day but I was really impressed that they busted out a location for pick up on Friday night even though it was raining, the fifth floor of the parking garage was absolutely fabulous in San Diego you couldn’t even get in a parking garage in the downtown area without having to pay so free parking garage polo on a rainy night was really fantastic.

So as the tournament goes the the location was good, the Park was great plenty of shade, the boards, the side-by-side courts were done really well even though they were slapped together in kind of a short amount of time. the people there I thought were great; Tea from the Fresno pedal junkies was a great host. his enthusiasm was great my only only negative comment on that is when he when he does the announcements you should probably cut out a lot of the profanity because you never know people may bring their kids there so when he’s talking on the on the bullhorn and you know hyping it I love his enthusiasm we could probably tone it down and use less profanity.

10171799_697908320269696_5470284112432382270_n 10174802_664524340269699_8567776637519764677_n 10255279_697907320269796_2304794890368926505_n 10269436_697909033602958_619806957034801651_n 10291825_697908336936361_8503343752243523028_n

Words by Christine Carrisosa, Autumn Hardy, Jenny Kutzleb and Mike Maverick

Pictures by peDal jUnkies and Christine Carrisosa

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Tournaments: 2014 NAH Southeast Championship

May 7, 2014 at 8:24 am

Group10346642_10152392560189695_5912458364880489665_n10269352_10152392560269695_4807771052767930088_n  10251977_10152392549664695_3044258279656647573_n10150716_10152392549104695_2692770080336230416_n10259732_10152392541134695_8840991527526125996_n10334311_10152392534129695_4339599198737934472_n10255363_10152392534249695_4056101412021010816_n10256317_10152392549024695_2237906086917244315_n10301496_10152394844999695_3090539331127494124_n10330457_10152394844794695_9112070098539040048_n10309039_10152392560329695_8704703740526958225_n1622082_10152392544449695_2567503184707177834_n 10245273_10152392535684695_2794623786635116616_n


Photographs by Sam Bennett

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AHBPC 2014 by Carbon Addiction

April 15, 2014 at 8:24 am

img_4688 img_4559 img_4597 img_4429 img_4472 img_4478 img_4515 img_4440 img_4579 img_4589 img_4433 img_4601 img_4627 img_4636 img_4672

All photos by Peter Maniaty / Carbon Addiction

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Tournaments: Liga del jamón, Spain

April 10, 2014 at 7:28 am

IMG_8572 copia IMG_8548 copia IMG_8541 copia IMG_8533 copia IMG_8520 copia IMG_8511 copia IMG_8496 copia IMG_8486 copia IMG_8467 copia IMG_8450 copia IMG_8395 copia IMG_8389 copia IMG_8381 copia IMG_8354 copia IMG_8342 copia IMG_8658 copia IMG_8646 copia IMG_8643 copia IMG_8617 copia IMG_8587 copia IMG_8582 copia IMG_8578 copia

By Aitor Bellino

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AHBPC 2014 by Joelle Miller (part 2)

April 9, 2014 at 8:22 am


0N5A9323 0N5A9396 0N5A9404 0N5A9417 0N5A9515 0N5A9506 0N5A9534 0N5A9541 0N5A95860N5A9224 0N5A9229 0N5A9240 0N5A9271 0N5A9274 0N5A9292 0N5A9298 0N5A9319 0N5A93210N5A9343


All photographs by Joelle Miller.

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